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cassette single facer

Operating procedure of single facer machine

1. Smoking and the use of open flames are strictly prohibited in the workshop of the single facer machine, and night shift personnel are strictly prohibited from lighting mosquito coils. It is strictly forbidden to dry clothes, objects, or heating on the top and bottom of the corrugated roller to avoid fire. The exposed part of the live conductor in the single facer machine should not be touched by the human body, and the control cabinet and electrical cabinet should not be opened at will to avoid electric shock accidents.

The development history of the cassette single facer

Cassette single facer has been in use since the 1960s when the cardboard production industry was still in the manual stage. The design of the cassette single facer at the time was characterized by an angled roll arrangement with the pressure roll on top.

Relevant knowledge about the cassette single facer

1. Single-sided machine structure. The cassette single facer consists of a reel holder and a single-faced corrugator. The workflow of cassette single facer is to first heat the corrugated core paper, then make the desired corrugated shape with the corrugating roller, and finally apply glue (starch adhesive) on the corrugated peak and bond it with the single-sided corrugated paper to form single-sided Corrugated cardboard. The heating methods of the core paper include steam heating, electric heating, and oil heating. Single-sided machined flutes can be customized according to customer needs.

Structural composition of cassette single facer

The cassette single facer is one of the important types of equipment in the corrugated board production line. The forming quality of the corrugated board has a great relationship with the correct use and maintenance of the single facer. Cassette single facer is the mechanical equipment for producing corrugated core paper (the special name for corrugated paper in cardboard), which is known as the heart of the "corrugated cardboard production line" in the corrugated packaging industry.

Product features of cassette single facer

1. Glue department for the cassette single facer is using integrated slide structure, a Glue roller surface after grinding engraved with 25 lines, and pit-style textured hard chrome plating. 2. Corrugated roller of the cassette single facer adopts tungsten carbide dealing, the diameter of the main corrugated roller¢ 346mm, Quenched→rough car→bore fine boring→shaft head shrunk-on→welding → tempering to stress→fine cars→coarse grinding →IF quenching→CNC grinding machine grinding→tungsten carbide dealing, hardness of the surface is HRC58degrees.

Main performance character of the cassette single facer

Main performance character of the cassette single facer. 1. Cassette single face Adopt hood suction structure, matched high-pressure powerful fan. Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation, the operating side full cover closed.
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