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SF-500A Multi-cassette positive pressure single facer



What you want to know is that we work hard.



※ Technical parameters:

1、working effective width:2500mm

2、operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer's facility)

3、design speed:300m/min

4、temperature range:160—200℃

5、air source:0.4—0.9Mpa

6、steam pressure:0.8—1.3Mpa

7、corrugate flute:(UV type or UVV type)


※Roller diameter parameters:

1、Main corrugated roller diameter: ¢500mm vice corrugated roller diameter:¢350m
2、pressure roller diameter:¢600mm glue roller diameter:¢320mm
3、Fixed paste roller diameter:¢175mm preheat roller diameter:¢600mm


※Power motors and electrical parameters:

1.Main variable frequency drive motor:37KW rated voltage:380V    50Hz continuous(S1)working system

2.Suction motor:18.5KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system

3、adjust glue reducer:90W rated voltage:380V 50Hz short(S2)working system

4、adjust glue gap motor:90W rated voltage:380V 50Hz short(S2)working system

5、glue pump motor:2.2KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz    continuous(S1)working system6.adjust pressure roller gap:100W  rated voltage:380V    50Hz    continuous(S1)working system

7.glue driving motor:3.7Kw rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system

8.preheater roller rotate motor:0.55 Kw.


※Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:


※Structural feature:

★design speed:300m/min。

★effective width:2500mm。

★main corrugating roller:¢500mm(According flute differ),pressure roller¢600mm,preheat roller¢600mm。

★using negative pressure design, lower heat consumption, helps the core paper to press evenly  and close to the surface of corrugated roller,  make the corrugate molding better, because the pressure evenly, the top of corrugate can glue uniform and better, make the single corrugated paper have perfect laminating.

★quickly change rollers in 15 minutes, while change corrugated roller with the electric trolley loading,put into the machine,and air pressure system will lock it,fixed to the machine base,only need a few buttons can complete the replacement quickly and easily.

★corrugated roller adopt50CRMO high quality alloy steel, dealing with heat,after grinding tungsten carbide surface treatment.

★corrugated roller, pressure roller adopt airbag control system having high stability, having the barometric pressure control buffering effect at the same time.

★Glue volume control with electric adjustment,rubber septum electric device,the glue system can operate independently when the motor stops,prevent glue exhausted。

★the moveable type glue unit is convenient to clean and maintain。

★easy operation control system, touch screen operation interface,Drawing with color display operating status, function selection, fault indication, and parameter settings, etc. can exclude exhibit this machine fully functional, easy to operate, user-friendly.

★built-in pre-conditioner with proportional spraying device, adjustment the core paper temperature and moisture.

★main, vice corrugating and pressure roller bearings are used in high-temperature grease to ensure bearing life running smoothly。

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